Madison van Rijn is a Toronto based illustrator and muralist. 

Her clients include The Globe & Mail,  ELLE Canada, Holt Renfrew, NIKE, Off-White, Victoria Secret, Sid Lee, Vitamin Water, MasterCard, Canadian Tire, ADIDAS.

Instagram : mvralldayeveryday

Press : FLARE Magazine , Boots & Pine,  Blog TO,  The Toronto StarShe Does The City, The Drake Hotel




2013-2015 Ontario College of Art and Design- Illustration Program 

2010-2011 Nova Scotia College of Art and Design


2017 present-  Elle Canada- Monthly illustration contributions

2017 Budweiser Stage- Posters for Muse, July Talk and Arkells 

2017 Victoria Secret Canada- Product customization

2017 Nike - BAUHAUS campaign - Hand lettering and illustration 

2016 Vitamin Water- Illustration campaign

2016 DEL Bel - Album art work

2016 Timberlost Designs- Logo

2016 Holt Renfrew - Boxed Water is Better - illustration 

2016 The Aerie Collective - Logo 

2016 Holt Renfrew- Spring Promo truck and map illustration

2015 OCADU Student Union- "Winter Feast" poster Design

2015 Bar Raval- Coaster design

2015 Bar Fancy- T-shirt design

2015 Antigua Miami (Bolivia)- Branding

2013 Lone Wolf Magazine - "In Defense of Fashion" Illustration

2012-2013 Plaid Magazine Online- Weekly illustration contributions

2012 Plaid Magazine Fall/Winter print issue - "Sacred Spaces"


2017 Great Gulf (Power and Adelaide) - "HOME" Mural 

2017  La Palma - Interior Mural

2017 Off-White (Yorkville, Toronto) - "LAND" prairie installation (Wild Altar)

2017 Sid Lee -Living Wall

2016 Mastercard Canada  - Chalkboard Art

2016 Clarks Shoes - Street Art

2016 Yolandas Spuntino Casa - Tropical mural 

2016 El Rey- Custom wallpaper and mural work 

2016  Holt Renfrew Mens- "Made to Measure" Window dressing 

2015 Patois- Tropical mural

2015 Bar Isabel- Exterior mural

2015 Forno Cultura- Entire store dressing

2015 Bellwoods Brewery- Chalk board art

2014 Bar Isabel- Mirror art

2014 Bolt Fresh Bar- "Better Every Day" Window dressing 

2015 The Drake Hotel- "Drake in Love- 11th Anniversary" Entire building dressing

2014 Victoire on Ossington- Halloween window dressing 


2015-present Timberlost Designs-  Assistant Designer

2012-2014 Volunteer Art Teacher (Grades 4-6) - Clinton Street Public School

2011- 2012 Plaid Magazine Illustration Intern